Biosolids Webinar

November 6, 2019


Hold the Date! “Biosolids as Soil Amendments: Critical Issues to Consider” Webinar on November 6 at 1:00 PM EST. For some, “biosolids” are a soil amendment and a source of nitrogen and phosphorus made from sewage wastes. For others, “biosolids” as a fertilizer presents a concern of transferring contamination from municipalities and industries to our farms, soil and food products. Often, farmers and landscapers are only hearing the marketing end of biosolids/sewage sludge use. But as “emerging contaminants” are recognized in the solid fertilizer and liquid irrigation biosolids products – and recognized as a link to farm and food contamination – it is time to have a larger discussion about the use of these products.
In light of recent loss of farms due to contamination from biosolids application and the links to soil and the food products we grow for human and animal consumption, we invite you to this free, on-line informational program. Speakers include Fred Stone, Maine dairy farmer impacted by biosolids contamination of his generational family farm; Dr. Murray McBride, soil scientist at Cornell University, MA; Darree Sicher, PA Farmers Union member; and Jenny Hopkinson, National Farmers Union staff, DC. Please join us!
Can’t make it to the webinar but interested in the biosolids issue? This webinar will be recorded.
Sponsored by Pennsylvania, New England and Ohio Farmers Unions.