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PFU is committed to enhancing quality of life for family farmers.

PFU Membership Levels

At PFU, membership levels are available to benefit the following categories:

1. Individual Membership – Any individual 18 years of age or older. An individual member receives 1 vote along with access to all PFU benefits.
Individual Membership – $50/1 year $90/2 years

2. Beginning Farmer Membership – A beginning farmer is 18 years of age or older and has operated a farm or ranch for less than 10 years. This membership rate is available for the first 3 years of membership in the PFU. A beginning farmer receives 1 vote and access to all PFU benefits.
Beginning Farmer Membership – $20/year

3. Student Membership – Students are individuals currently enrolled in an accredited school or university, or working in a farm apprentice/internship program. A student receives 1 vote and access to all PFU benefits.
Student Membership – $20/year

4. Family Membership – This membership includes 2 adult individuals residing at the same address. This membership receives voting rights for 2 and access to all PFU benefits.
Family Membership – $100/1 year $180/2 years

* All membership renewals are due annually on the month membership was opened.
From every membership, voting or non-voting, $12.50 is paid to the National Farmers Union.

PFU Membership

With a Pennsylvania Farmers Union membership,
you’re automatically enrolled in the National Farmers Union!

All membership levels are limited to any citizen of the United States who is 18 years of age of older, without regard to sex, race, creed, color, national origin or religion.

The mission of membership in the PFU is to advocate for the economic and social well-being and quality of life of family farmers, ranchers, fishermen, consumers and their communities through education, cooperation and legislation.

We believe that opportunities in production agriculture are the basis for thriving rural/urban communities which, in turn, are vital to the health, security and economic well-being of our entire national economy.

We believe the needs of America’s rural/urban economy are as important as the policy priorities of Wall Street and Corporate America. For this reason, we endorse policies that uphold the foundations of farming for the preservation of sustainable agricultural practices, affordable land for farmers, fair labor practices, ethnic diversity and cooperation.

PFU was founded in 1982 as a charter member of the National Farmers Union (NFU), an agricultural advocacy organization founded in 1902 and based in Washington, D.C. Farmers Union is the nation’s premier farm organization dedicated to family farm agriculture, cooperative businesses, and rural communities. Pennsylvania’s membership is a growing and influential voice in the Pennsylvania Ag community.

  • If you care about family farms, because you are a farmer yourself or you just plain care about your local farmer…

  • Or, if you are willing to share your knowledge and passion on the legislative front and make sure family farms have a fighting chance, not only to survive but to thrive…

  • Or, if you are interested in opportunities for education about the impact of the Food Safety Modernization Act…

Farmers Union is a true grassroots organization that is stronger because of the diverse members who have joined. By becoming a part of the Farmers Union family, you can expect:

REPRESENTATION: Farmers Union is a powerful and respected voice on critical issues. Our state and national leaders and staff understand the critical issues facing rural America and family agriculture. We represent YOUR voice to elected officials.

GRASSROOTS POLICY: Farmers Union policy is written and approved by our members. The issues that are important to YOU can be debated and become part of the national policy.

INFORMATION: Farmers Union helps you stay up-to-date with the issues that matter most to you, your family and your business.

VALUE-ADDED: A membership in Farmers Union also provides you real savings and discounts. New benefits are being developed all the time.

NETWORKING: Come together with other farmers that are facing similar challenges and opportunities. Meet in a social atmosphere to share ideas and solutions to common problems.

Pennsylvania Farmers Union has been the voice of family farmers, rural residents and consumers across the Keystone State since our founding. We believe the needs of Pennsylvania’s farm economy are every bit as important as the policy priorities of Wall Street and Corporate America. We are the dedicated voice of family farming, and we aim to preserve a sustainable economy that benefits each of us where we live, while providing domestically grown, healthy choices for consumers.

If you are a family farmer or rural resident dedicated to preserving your way of life. If you are a consumer and you believe it’s important to buy locally from someone you know and trust. If you are believe in sustainability and want to see an economy that works just as well for the little guy as it does for the big guy. If you are concerned about any of these issues, then we invite you to join Pennsylvania Farmers Union. We work every day to further all of these priorities and many more.

The Pennsylvania Farmers Union is a membership driven organization that is committed to enhancing the quality of life of family farmers through educational opportunities, co-operative endeavors and civic engagement. Become part of the solution and join today!