New Tools Bring the Farm to Screens

December 2, 2020Food Safety

By Melanie Arthur, NFU Intern Pre-pandemic, you needed a few essential things to host an on-farm tour or educational event. First, a place for people to park. Second, some hot coffee brewing. And, finally, a good story to tell and a megaphone to carry your voice across the farm and to your attendees. Now, with trucks staying parked at home and farmers getting their coffee refills at home, farm … Read More

Justice for Black Farmers Act an “Important Step” Towards Racial Equity, Farmers Union Says

December 1, 2020Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 1, 2020 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737 WASHINGTON – Though there is a long, rich history of Black farmers in the United States, systemic racism has undermined their success and wrested the majority of their land away. In order to correct racial inequities in agricultural policies and institutions, Senators Cory Booker, Elizabeth … Read More

Absence of RVOs Another Disappointment for Farmers, Biofuel Producers

November 30, 2020Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 30, 2020 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737 WASHINGTON – With just hours until the statutory deadline, the U.S. Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has still not issued its 2021 renewable volume obligations (RVOs) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), raising concerns that the RVOs will not be updated until the next administration takes … Read More

Lakota Rancher Strengthens Community with Agriculture Education

November 27, 2020Blog

By Jeanne Janson, NFU Journalism Intern The last 400 years of Native American history is marred with stories of land being stolen, children being forced into boarding schools and a crusade for assimilation through the erasure of culture. One result of this traumatic history is an entrenched cycle of poverty that persists on many reservations … Read More

Farm & Biofuel Leaders Urge Courts to Hold EPA Accountable on Improper 2016 Waiver

November 23, 2020Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 23, 2020 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737 WASHINGTON – Today, a coalition of the nation’s largest biofuels and agricultural trade groups filed a motion in the U.S. Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia asking the court to enforce its 2017 decision requiring the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to address its improper … Read More

Alliance Unveils Unprecedented Climate Policy Recommendations

November 18, 2020Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 17, 2020 WASHINGTON – An alliance of groups representing farmers, forest owners, the food sector, state governments and environmental advocates today unveiled an unprecedented set of recommendations to guide the development of federal climate policy.  The Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance (FACA) was formed in February 2020 by four groups that … Read More

Urban Farm Education Continues to Grow

November 10, 2020Food Safety

By Billy Mitchell, NFU FSMA Training Coordinator Over the years, the picture of a farmer and farm service provider working together has often looked the same – two people, sometimes with paperwork sprawled across a tailgate, looking out over rows and rows of a crop surrounded by farmland stretched to the horizon. It’s a classic … Read More

NFU Ready to Work with Biden Administration to Strengthen Rural Communities and the Food System

November 7, 2020Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 7, 2020 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737 WASHINGTON – After several days of ballot counting and much anticipation, the Associated Press announced that former Vice President Joe Biden had won the 2020 U.S. presidential election. National Farmers Union (NFU) President Rob Larew issued the following statement in response to the news: “The … Read More

Withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement is “Shameful,” Farmers Union Says

November 4, 2020Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 4, 2020 Contact: Hannah Packman, 303-819-8737 WASHINGTON – The United States today formally exited the Paris Climate Agreement, three-and-a-half years after President Donald Trump pledged to do so, citing “lost jobs, lower wages, shuttered factories, and vastly diminished economic production.” One hundred and eighty-nine countries have ratified the historic agreement so … Read More