Have you been trying to make sense of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)? What it means for your farm? What it means for your customers?

The intention of the FSMA is to shift  the focus from responding to food contamination to preventing it. FSMA gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) broad new powers, powers that have implications for your farm. Consider learning more and participating in the open comment period.

Here are some great resources…

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition’s new site devoted to the topic:


An excellent and accessible blog written by one of our board members, Brian Snyder (executive director of the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture):

WriteToFarm Blog

Write to Farm‘s latest blog post on the subject.

A recent live radio interview with Brian Snyder on WVMW-FM’s “What Vets Need to Know” Season 8 Show 29.

The Food and Drug Administration’s video primers:

FDA video primers

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