Resolutions ImageThe National Farmers Union (NFU) Board of Directors, including Pennsylvania Farmers Union (PFU) board president Kim Miller, unanimously passed a resolution today indicating the obligation of Congress to provide certainty for our nation’s family farmers, ranchers and consumers by passing a five-year farm bill and by continuing to support Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

“Through this resolution, the NFU Board has once again given a clear message to Congress – it is time to complete the 2013 Farm Bill,” said Johnson. “Family farmers and ranchers will not settle for an extension of the current law, we have too much at stake. Farmers what a farm bill that saves taxpayers money and that looks to the future – not the past.”

Passing a comprehensive, five-year farm bill, protecting the existing Country-of-Origin-Labeling law, and maintaining the current structure of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) were highlighted as crucial to our nation’s food supply, rural communities, the overall health of the economy, and energy security.

“Congress needs to hear the voices of family farmers and take action on the 2013 Farm Bill this year. As a member of the NFU Board of Directors, I voted to pass this resolution to show the support of Pennsylvania Farmers Union,” said PFU president Kim Miller.

“Our interests are at risk yet again because the farm bill expires on Sept. 30, 2013,” the resolution stated. “Both chambers of Congress have each passed a version of the farm bill, but now the House must move swiftly to appoint conferees and begin the formal conference process with the Senate.”

“Along with providing a comprehensive, five-year farm bill, Congress and the administration must protect the existing COOL law for meat, seafood, poultry and other agricultural products,” the resolution continued. “In an increasingly economically-interconnected world, COOL provides important, common-sense information to American consumers about their food.”

“Congress must also pursue policies that support our nation’s energy security,” the resolution stated. “The RFS is a crucial tool to wean our nation off foreign oil, promote rural economic development, and reduce greenhouse gases in the transportation sector.”

The meeting of the Board precedes NFU’s Fall Legislative Fly-In that will bring nearly 300 Farmers Union members to Washington for meetings with legislators and other events Sept. 9 to 11. For more information about Fly-In events, visit

Click here to read the resolution.

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