June 26, 2015

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MILAN (June 26, 2015) – The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) General Assembly adopted a pronouncement of the world’s farmers on the need to produce a food supply sufficient for the 9.2 billion people who will inhabit our planet in 2050 in a sustainable and environmentally-conscious way. Three Farmers Union officials joined in passing the resolution this week in Milan, Italy.

“American family farmers and ranchers play a tremendous role in both addressing global food security needs and properly stewarding the land for a cleaner, safer environment for future generations,” said National Farmers Union (NFU) President Roger Johnson. “NFU thanks the Farmers Union delegation and the WFO for producing a declaration that ensures the farmers’ perspective is considered in the global conversation on food production and protecting the environment.”

The Farmers’ Declaration is meant to ensure the farmers’ perspective will be represented at Expo Milano 2015, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life,” a six-month, universal exhibition focused on being able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the planet and its equilibrium.

“We, farmers of the world, men, women and youth, taking care of small, medium and large-scale farms and cooperatives, recognize that Agriculture, including crops, horticulture, feedstock, livestock, breeding, fisheries and forestry, is at the heart of sustainable development,” states the declaration. “Farmers feed the planet, producing Energy for Life, transportation and heat and are integral to support sustainable development, globally. However, we also feel humble facing the responsibilities that come with the tasks of feeding the world and caring for the earth.”

The Farmers Union delegation consisted of Dave Velde, NFU vice president of international relations, Mark Watne, North Dakota Farmers Union president, and Robert Carlson, former North Dakota Farmers Union president and first president of the WFO. In addition to adopting the Farmers’ Declaration, the three officials also participated in panel discussions focusing on sustainable, precision farming, agriculture contract issues and credit issues in ranching and farming.

National Farmers Union has been working since 1902 to protect and enhance the economic well-being and quality of life for family farmers, ranchers and rural communities through advocating grassroots-driven policy positions adopted by its membership.


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