WASHINGTON – NFU Vice President Jeff Kippley represented family farmers and ranchers today at a House Agriculture Committee hearing. “Examining the Consequences of EPA’s Actions on American Agriculture” provided a platform for discussing various concerns related to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations and their impact on the agricultural sector. 

In his testimony, Kippley emphasized the necessity for a balanced approach, with reasonable and appropriate regulations to safeguard our natural resources. 

“To build a successful farm business over the long term, I need my operation to be profitable,” Kippley said in his testimony. “Sometimes I worry that the wrong federal regulations could harm my business, but I also know that it’s important to have practical rules of the road by which everyone must abide. Properly designed and enforced regulations help protect all of us from bad actors. … EPA plays an essential role in protecting our environment, but the Agency should do more to limit the impact of its regulations on family farmers and ranchers. One of the best ways to do this is through regular engagement and partnership with farmers and communities. We commend the Agency for creating the new Office of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Farmers Union looks forward to working with EPA and this Committee to ensure our voices are clearly heard by the agency.”  

Testimony highlights:  

  • Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS): ”The game of regulatory ping-pong over WOTUS has gone on far too long. Like everyone else, we want simplicity and clarity.” 
  • Crop Protection: ”Most farmers don’t have the scientific expertise to evaluate crop protection products for safety, but we know these products are essential for our operations. EPA’s rules, oversight and labeling guidelines help keep us safe.” 
  • Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and Biofuels: ”The RFS has been the most successful clean fuels policy in the U.S. by making renewable fuel more affordable, creating jobs and reviving rural economies, and reducing oil imports and air pollution. Future action by EPA should support the program’s growth and success … We also appreciate the administration’s focus on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). I hope the Committee will support the adoption of agricultural feedstocks for SAF production.” 
  • Right to Repair: ”It’s incredibly important that farmers have the option to fix our own equipment or go to independent mechanics of our choosing, just like everyone can with their cars and trucks. But some farm equipment manufacturers believe farmers cannot be trusted to repair their own equipment … EPA Administrator [Michael] Regan affirmed that EPA’s [Clean Air Act] regulations support independent repair, and that independent repair doesn’t facilitate emissions tampering. We urge Congress to ensure the Right to Repair.”  

Jeff Kippley’s full testimony is available here.  

The video feed is available here.  

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